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Is It Time for Dave Letterman to Retire?

No I don’t mean because he told a rape joke about Sarah Palin’s 14 year old or 18 year old daughter. That was actually a lucky break for Letterman because it’s probably the only joke he’s told in the last 5 years that anyone even remembers. But with Leno gone, and Letterman needing a nationwide scandal just to win a single ratings night from Conan, of all people, maybe it’s time for him to move along the old folks trail to Branson, Missouri. The arguments for are pretty obvious.

Network TV is dying. The ratings are way down and that means the only way to salvage this is with a youth demographic and clips that play well on social media. And that’s where Conan easily beats Dave Letterman any day of the week. And will go on beating him. But winning a battle over late night TV stopped mattering around the time people got other entertainment options at 11:30. Conan and Letterman are fighting over a shrinking viewership, and this is Letterman’s last chance to go out on top looking like a winner, instead of getting kicked to the curb by CBS the way the equally graying Dan Rather was, to make way for the late night equivalent of Katie Couric.

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