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Is It Time for 24 to End?

After a seventh season that never happened, its star’s extensive imprisonment, an aborted movie, an aborted premise for the season and now another production shutdown over script quality, (script quality, you have got to be kidding me) it might be time to ask whether the 7th season shouldn’t be 24’s last.

24 had a limited bag of tricks and those have all been played out, the return of Elisha Cuthbert only makes viewers wince, particularly those who remember the great mountain lion standoff. Jack Bauer hasn’t just been pushed beyond his limits, he’s been pushed beyond the shark, the additional cast have gotten too annoying to watch and at this point no one really cares.

24 was an innovative action series that dared to push the limits and it really is the only true action drama left on network television, which is itself a really sad commentary on network television. Lost and Heroes might admittedly have a shot, but they’re not in the same range. Still there’s only so long you can keep turning around the same bunch of tricks over and over again, only so many times Jack can try to retire, only to be dragged out of retirement or exile by some convoluted conspiracy that seems to involve foreign terrorists and foreign governments, only to connect to some local conspiracy, while Jack goes rogue and then races around on a bunch of twists and turns. We’ve seen it all. Maybe it’s time for all the talent involved to move on.

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