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Is It Just Me or is 24 Making Less Sense than Usual?

So 24’s stand ins for Blackwater or Xe, Starwood conspired with a genocidal African warlord to develop a bio weapon. But they didn’t actually have custody of the bioweapon. Meanwhile to get the warlord to give them the bioweapon, they gave him the CIP advice, which can take down airplanes, factories and basically entire towns. It can melt down nuclear reactors. Making it a much better weapon than the fairly lame bioweapon, which takes hours to kill someone. Of course that someone is Jack Bauer, but the doctor keeps telling Jack that the weapon is working faster than usual. This of course makes it the world’s slowest bioweapon around. Had Jack been squirted with a dose of sarin, he’d have been dead two weeks or two hours ago, instead of running around and playing secret agent.

On top of that Starkwood only developed this entire plan to fight a Senate subcommittee hearing, which apparently wasn’t going anywhere anyway, and which would go away by shooting a single Senator. Instead of carrying out multiple terrorist attacks on the United States, seizing the White House and threatening entire cities with the world’s lamest bioweapon. Even the show’s writers seem to have realized this makes no sense, and had the President tell the Starkwood CEO that his plan is so bad it must have been the product of a nervous breakdown. Of course with Brannon Braga writing episodes, the senseless pretty much explains itself.

Thanks Brannon, keep spreading the suck around.

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