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Is HyperSpace the Latest Threat to Bloated Windows?

Plenty of people these days play DVD’s on their laptop, but at the same time with Windows, starting up your laptop means having to go through the entire long bloated Windows startup routine as Microsoft Windows loads up every single piece of code and startup program and trojan before you can actually do anything. And that can take a good 5 minutes. Annoying especially when you factor in battery life and how much DVD’s drain your battery in the first place.

Obviously a more ideal feature of Windows Vista would have been a mini Vista for laptops that could simply play DVD’s or perform as a memo pad or certain other basic tasks rapidly. But instead if you want a laptop these days, Microsoft will try to stuff Vista down your throat and if you want to run anything on your laptop, you had better wait. Or use Hyperspace.

Phoenix Technologies Ltd., the world’s leading BIOS provider, has unveiled a new head turning product called HyperSpace, HyperSpace is a layer of BIOS embedded software that makes it possible to instantly run applications independently of Windows. These “instant-on” applications will be truncated versions of open-source programs and that are available before, during and after Windows boot up and shut down.

Phoenix is targeting the portable PC market and seeks to capitalize on what critics say are the major faults of Windows: its size, speed, inefficiency and poor security. HyperSpace allows users to bypass the boot up process and instantly access their favorite applications, such as internet browsers, media players and word processors. It also promises to conserve battery life since Vista is notoriously power intensive.

HyperSpace will add value to PC vendors by allowing them to remotely trouble shoot and restore customers’ computers. It also promises to deliver a layer of embedded security that is stronger than the current standards.

It’s a cool concept but one that should have Microsoft freaking out and threatening repercussions, because not only does this press release contain the dreaded word “Open Source” but it essentially undermines Windows. After all once your kid begins playing DVD’s without Microsoft Windows, he might get the idea he doesn’t really need Windows after all.

Microsoft has always been compulsive about maintaining total control, Hyperspace undermines that control and it’s handy, convenient and viral. Look for Steve Ballmer to begin shrieking and threatening vendors shortly.

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