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Is Google Rushing Chome out of Beta?

When Google announced that Chrome would be leaving Beta, they assumed that we were talking about March or February at the earliest, no one was predicting that they meant in a few days of this year. But that is exactly what happened. Chrome has been pushed out of Beta, and while it seems reasonably stable, the move seems a little premature. The smart money would have been on releasing Chrome with much more of a publicity push, but Google doesn’t seem all that committed to high profile version number launches, instead running its GoogleUpdate program, that’s so hard to get rid of, it’s practically a borderline Trojan, and updating in the background. You can’t call it a smart move or a stupid move, because it’s not clear how committed Google really is to Chrome. As a serious attempt at browser dominance, Google Chrome doesn’t cut it anymore than Google Talk had a shot at Instant Messaging dominance. But Google doesn’t always develop software for the reasons you think it does.

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