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Is Good Luck Chuck hiring Indonesian Spammers to Promote it?

At this point going to see Good Luck Chuck pretty much qualifies as an act of desperation for two reasons.

1. Dane Cook stars in it

2. Dane Cook stars in it

No I’m not repeating myself, I’m really not. Dane Cook is to comedy what melted vanilla ice cream is to a great treat. He looks like an anorexic Joe Piscopo without the personality or the charm. There’s just enough slime to be repulsive and to make you flash on that time Joe Francis offered you 50 dollars to film and this girl in the bathroom and more than enough blandness for you to tune out his name the moment you stop hearing it. It’s almost like Eli Roth but with even less talent.

And so long story, long… Dane Cook has been inflicted on us again in Good Luck Chuck, a movie that a digg review infamously said, means you’re going to hell if you liked it. I disagree. Sitting through Good Luck Chuck means going to hell already.

So who could possibly like Good Luck Chuck? Good question. Indonesian spammers apparently. Witness the following two reviews under A.O. Scott’s entertainingly withering take on Good Luck Chuck at the New York Times.

let’s face it! in these times of loss of the real intimate valors, a movie like GOOD LUCK CHUCK makes myself feeling better. You still can catch the taste of “the good old days”. In my personal and ininfluent opinion, GLC is the “GREASE” of the new millennium !
– paoriz

Loss of the real intimate valors? Makes myself feeling better? Taste of the “Good old day”? “Inifluent” opinion? I’d have to say in my own inifluent opinion that GLC, which is not the new Grease, or whatever company is handling internet PR has outsourced its word of mouth promotion to Indonesians or someone on the Pacific Rim for many 10 cents a post and sadly they’re using people who don’t exactly speaka da English.

Get loose!
I tend to agree! In these times of pants down, ass up, I think it’s important to have a comedy that reminds us that comedy is for goofing. I mean, have some fun with it! Don’t break a mirror on your baby’s sac and all that. Six stars!
– pthibadoux

Second Indonesia spammer has slightly better English but is still clearly a foreign speaker and begins to sound deranged a little into the post.

What’s with the outsourcing Lionsgate? Can’t you just get Dane Cook to do it?

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