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Is Fox Abandoning Hulu for iTunes?

Following the ins and outs of the online video offerings war is confusing enough even without factoring in the WGA strike, but now FOX which had partnered with NBC on, its answer to both YouTube and iTunes seems to now be off flirting with Steve Jobs again. Jobs has wanted to put a major studio’s movies on iTunes, besides his own Disney movies from his position with Disney via Pixar of course, for some time now and FOX may give that to him. This would be a major coup for iTunes as a video market, especially with NBC’s desertion removing just about any conceivable product you might want to order from iTunes TV wise, such as The Office or Battlestar Galactica. It’s unclear what this would mean for Hulu though. I’m not a beta tester yet, but as I recall Universal is putting some of its movies into Hulu and I believe Fox was too. Of course FOX can be playing with both platforms, sales through iTunes and ad supported views through Hulu to see which one pays off.

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