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Is Dumping your HD-DVD Player on eBay Ethical?

It’s the course Gizmodo is advising after a snide introduction about HD-DVD being the right format, just sell off your HD-DVD player to some chump who doesn’t know the HD-DVD format is dead over on eBay. First of course it’s worth noting that the dedicated fanboy is also likely to be elitist and smugly amoral of the “mundanes”, it doesn’t matter if it’s Apple, Babylon 5 or HD-DVD or a Wii, the same principle seems to hold true. Which is that anyone not on board is a chump, a mundane or as Gob would put it, a Howdee Doody, someone stupid enough that you can take advantage of him or her. Now it’s not wrong to sell your HD-DVD player on eBay. An HD-DVD player is still perfectly good for playing DVD’s and any HD-DVD’s you can get your hands on in the bargain bin. But it should be valued accordingly. Are you required to add a notice that HD-DVD’s are going the way of the dodo? It would be the nice thing to do, but the key point is priced accordingly. An HD-DVD is no longer a next gen player, it’s a decent DVD player which is what it should be priced as.

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