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Is Cars 2, Pixar’s Most Cynical Movie So Far?

Let’s put it this way, if movie sequels still did taglines, Cars 2’s would be “Show Me The Money”.

Cars wasn’t a very good movie to start with. The Doc Hollywood plot, the whole tacky world, it was an easy payday. Why? Because a lot of Pixar movies don’t merchandise so well. But Cars merchandises fantastically well. The movie is merchandising. That’s the real purpose.

Cars 2 is worse in every respect. The movie works hard to appeal to adults, to grab as much money as it can. Then it goes international to appeal to global audiences where it didn’t do as well last time around. The James Bond and the international locations are a break with Cars but they’re a calculated cash grab. And it’s working.

Can Pixar still keep a soul and do cash in movies like Cars? Depends. Maybe Cars sequels are what pay for Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up and the upcoming Brave. Maybe. But where does the line get drawn? Especially now that Pixar is planning a Toy Story 4? And Brave looks suspiciously like a Disney movie, complete with a human heroine, when Pixar movies rarely focused on humans at all.

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