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Is Caprica Coming or Not?

Anyone really want a TV character drama set in what looks like a futuristic Canada and capturing all the legal drama of Battlestar Galactica? Well apparently SciFi Channel executives are nearly desperate enough to order a pilot for Caprica and hope to recoup it via DVD sales, if it’s as inevitably bad as it inevitably bad going to be.

From the disastrous decision to extend Battlestar Galactica across two seasons, (sorry guys but Battlestar Galactica ain’t the Sopranos and SciFi ain’t HBO) to an attempt to fill the gap with Caprica, the SciFi Channel is being predictably clueless. Am I surprised? No. The SciFi Channel has always been clueless. Look at what SciFi did to Sliders as a case in point.

Right now the SciFi Channel lucked into Battlestar Galactica, not because it’s a good series, Battlestar Galactica is strictly in the SAAB range and has a fundamentally similar premise and theme to Space Above and Beyond with more obnoxious characters (who would have thought that was even possible) and it’s acting desperate at the prospect of losing it.

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