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Is Bing a Real Search Threat?

Usually it’s been pretty difficult to take Microsoft’s search ventures seriously. Between the constant rebrandings and the stench of desperation, Microsoft was easy to dismiss as a former monopoly scrambling to seize a piece of every market without having a clue how to do it. And there’s some truth to that. About the only thing Microsoft has not tried to do is launch its own YouTube (ironic because with Windows Movie Maker, there would be a built in market for it). But Bing is proving more resilient than previous efforts. Between an aggressive ad and PR campaign, better search algorithms, and the Yahoo deal, Bing has managed to grab 10 percent of the search market. And while Google is still in charge, Bing’s gains suggest that there are growing pockets of dissatisfaction and discontent with Google search. And it’s not hard to see why. While Google has spun off a lot of projects, some good, its search engine has gotten worse. Google has begun making recent improvements to search, but some of those improvements have only made things worse. For example its search inuitive features make results less accurate by treating users like morons. Case in point, googling Ames, brings up page after page of information about Games. Caffeine is coming, and it’s an attempt by Google to take up some of the slack, but Caffeine doesn’t really bring any dramatic improvements to the table. Neither does Bing, which is really Google’s best defense. But enough people have gotten tired of Google to be willing to switch to an even slightly better search engine, rather than put up with Google any longer.

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