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Is Apple Riding for a Fall?

Over at the Times Online, Alexander Wolfe gave Apple Spokesthing Jennifer Bowcock (leave the jokes at the door please, this is Apple we have no sense of humor) a chance to retract her rather snide remark that anyone whose iPhone has been bricked should go buy a new iPhone. Of course she/he/it declined declaring that Apple’s position has not changed. Wolfe is predicting that Apple’s position will bring it down.

Of course Apple loyalists and everyone from Steve Jobs on down don’t believe anything like that can happen because they’re riding high and when people think they can’t loose, it’s when they get cockiest (no pun intended for Jennifer Bowcock) and begin to not only believe their own hype but act out their worst behaviors. Think of the guy who directs his first blockbuster who begins swimming in cocaine and hookers. That’s Apple right now, except it’s swimming in arrogance.

Will Apple pay for it? Yes, it will. Not in some sort of immediate desertion but because arrogance tends to rebound and because hard as it is for the Cult of the Dead Mac to believe it, but sooner or later Steve Jobs and Apple will make a mistake and unlike Apple TV, it will be a big one. No one wins all the time and when you fall, the people you walked over on the way up, are gonna be there. And the iPhone bricking is just insuring that when Apple falls, there will be a lot fewer Apple loyalists left to give it a hand up.

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