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Is American Idol Finally on the Way Out?

Those of us with three brain cells together and some concern for that elusive fragment of our culture as expressed on television have been waiting anxiously for the death of that gruesome ratings behemoth, better known as American Idol or AAAAAAAAHHHH to teenage girls all across America.

Granted when we waited for the deaths of Survivor and Big Brother and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, each time these shows dipped below the level where anyone paid any attention to them anymore, they were invariably replaced with something far worse. You could only look back fondly to the halycon days when the most annoying thing around was Regis Philbin and his shirts after fat naked guy on Survivor and then followed by the endless nights of screeching on American Idol that seemed to be on every night of the week and out destroying shows vastly superior to it (this would include even an infomercial).

Anyway American Idol’s ratings are down and criticism is mounting (in a non-sexual way) which is a hopeful sign that the show is on the way out. Of course everyone’s ratings are down, so who knows.

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