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Is Activision Spamming Forums with Diablo 3 Talking Points?

I didn’t buy Diablo 3. I barely made it through a third of Diablo 2 before getting bored (Diablo 1 was awesome though) and an always on connection and no pause button just to play single player for a game whose style is so common there’s an army of clones just seemed stupid. But looking through gaming forums, the same talking points were being repeated.

Players complaining were being “entitled”, “spoiled” or “whiny crybabies”. There’s no such thing as “single player” in Diablo 3, even though there obviously is. “Be an adult”. Take a “Realistic Attitude”.

Basically, “Suck it up and take it.” That seems like the kind of message a corp would put out, not people.

How much of this was just fanboy craziness and how much of it was talking points from corporate stooges? An AAA game has a marketing budget that easily covers hiring a few hundred people to flood forums with the same message. Companies and governments already do it.

How can you tell? Patterns. Organizations do things in patterns. The pattern draws attention to itself.

if people could use some perspective, maybe you’ll stop taking these minor setbacks so bitterly and coming off as awful spoiled children.”

Stop being childish, immature, and a spoiled brat. If you’ve played Blizzard products before, you know that hotfixes, patches, and delays are a natural part of the game experience.”

It’s getting to the point where childish entitled brats are making so much noise that they drown out the more sensible and realistic people.

There is frankly nothing to apologize for Sometimes things don’t work. Particularly in situations like this. You mean you really weren’t anticipating server issues in the first few weeks? Have you even played any videogames before?

There’s about a million more of these and they all sound the same.

1. Diablo 3 is the best game ever and I love it

2. You’re a selfish, immature, crybaby child who makes me embarrassed to be a gamer

3. It’s normal for a game to be broken on launch. It’s normal for a game to have single player tethered to servers. There’s no such thing as single player in Diablo III anyway.

Now if you had the job of dealing with an explosion of customer anger, you would profile your users. How would you respond to that anger? By introducing talking points aimed at them. Are your customers young adult males? Tell them that they’re immature for not being okay with it. Tell them that they’re missing out on the best game ever.

Does that prove anything? No, but patterns are patterns.

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