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Is a Web Centered OS the Future?

Google Apps and Google Chrome both serve as a declaration of war or maybe a more subtle erosion of Microsoft’s monopoly on the OS. Where Microsoft undermined the hardware makers it originally worked for, IBM and Apple, by stealing their business from under them with an OS that served as the core of the computer, Google has worked hard to do the same to Microsoft using the internet to suck away user time. Focusing user time on Google applications and Google’s own sites has meant a shift in user time that is directly profitable to Google and is not profitable for Microsoft. Microsoft does not get paid every time you run a search in Internet Explorer. It gets paid every time you run a search in Live Search. Google Apps and Google Chrome is the next stage challenging not only user time in traditional browsing, but in applications as well, building the blocks of a web centered OS, perhaps run on something like Chrome, that treats the actual OS as a relic. The problem though is that Google never really got content and still doesn’t and that people want a lot more from their computer than a vanilla Google world.

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