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Is 3D the Next Big Gaming Gimmick?

Ever since the big showdown between Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s XBox 360 got shut down by Nintendo’s Wii motion controller, the console wars have come down to the next big gimmick. The one that will drive all the players crazy.

Nintendo pulled it off with motion control. Now Microsoft topped it with Kinect. Nintendo let you use your hand motion as the controlled. Microsoft boasts that it lets you use your body as the controller. So what’s the next gimmick in gaming? Topping Kinect will be tricky. Sony will have its own equivalent sooner or later, but like the Move, later doesn’t really count.

Nintendo jumped on 3D with the 3DS to try and stay ahead of the iPhone’s growing gaming footprint. Sony is following suit at the console level, promising 3D gaming for the PS3. It seems smart enough. Pushing 3D gaming lets Sony move its TV’s and its consoles together. But not that many people are buying 3D TV’s, and pushing the technology during a bad economy, is probably not the best timing either. The PS3 still has a good overall package, but Sony keeps coming out in the also ran category.

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