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IPod Lifesaving as real as Jessica Lynch

And gosh there’s another publicity driven legend about the War in Iraq, shot and buried in a ditch.

Yes, we’ve all seen the images of the iPod that took a bullet and supposedly saved a soldier’s life in Iraq, with everyone jumping to the conclusion that because the bullet didn’t quite make it right through the iPod, it was the iPod that saved the soldier’s life.

The story got the full force of the Digg effect, with even Apple executives wanting to make sure the soldier received a brand new iPod to replace his broken model.

But the soldier in question, Kevin Garrad, has told the ‘Havana Lion’, the site that broke the story complete with images, a different story.

According to US Infantryman Garrad, he says that: “The armor stopped the bullet”. Havana Lion says that “The iPod was how Kevin Garrad found out he was shot. This is the real story.
Kevin said he got into the fight with the insurgent and afterwards he did not know he was even shot. He said he returned to his bunk after the patrol, put on his earbuds and began to clean his weapon”.

The site continues with Garrad saying: “You get into a ritual out there.” Then the story continues that: “No music came on. He dug around in the pockets where he kept the iPod and pulled out the twisted hunk of metal that is in the pictures. He said that was how he found out that he had been shot during the fight. He was happy that his armor worked”.

But seriously who actually believed an IPod could stop a bullet?

There are three possibilities here.

1. A rabid Apple fanboy

2. Someone who has never seen a bullet

3. Someone who has never seen an Ipod

Considering that you can break an Ipod and dent it by just looking at it, the only kind of bullet an Ipod might stop, could be a 22 caliber bullet and the terrorists in Iraq aren’t playing with them or with derringers either.

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