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Internet Explorer Incompatible with Yahoo and Google Toolbars

Or so say the Beta testers who are testing out the Beta of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. I’m sure that if Yahoo should agree to be bought by the beast from Washington State, the Yahoo toolbar will quickly start getting along just swell with Internet Explorer 8. But I kid, not really. I’m sure if the EU gets involved, IE8 will play nice with everyone else too. I think the real question is, with Firefox 3 on the way and after Microsoft’s last browser showdown with Mozilla, Internet Explorer 7 going head to toe with Firefox 2, has Microsoft learned anything. I’m not a Microsoft fan but I still use Internet Explorer on occasion, I just wouldn’t use Internet Explorer 7 unless someone put a gun to my head. Not only did Microsoft jettison the basic browser layout but it produced a clunky piece of junk that looks like it was made for a not particularly bright 7 year old to use on his very first computer. And just as with IE7, Microsoft wades into the game boasting about features like ACR that Firefox had in its previous version. Good luck Bill.

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