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Intel Turns Down Vista

There have been plenty of companies that have chosen not to go Vista, but none of them have been nearly as high profile as Intel. It’s a serious blow when the company most associated with building the CPU of the modern computer says no thanks, but that’s exactly what happened as Intel has chosen not to upgrade to Vista while sticking with XP. Besides a slap in the face to Redmond, it’s also a compelling wake up call. While the cost of such an upgrade across Intel was no doubt a major factor, as was the time for potential retraining, the real core of it is that Intel found no reason to carry out an upgrade to Vista. Even as Microsoft is extending XP support to 2014 it had better be planning really hard for Windows 7, because Intel’s slap at Vista once again demonstrated the corporate and public perception of Vista as flaky, high maintained and unnecessary. In the end Microsoft could provide no compelling reasons for Intel or for most users to jump on board the Vista train. In Windows 7, Microsoft is going to have to seriously concentrate on providing those reasons or it really will be Game Over.

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