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Insane FOX Decision: Dollhouse Renewed, Sarah Connor Cancelled

Yup they did it again. Cancel the show that actually has a fan base and a hit movie coming out, keep the senseless muddled show that only exists because you’re in the Joss Whedon business. Dollhouse had managed to drop down to 2.8 million viewers for its finale in only 13 episodes. Down from 4.7 million viewers.

By contrast Sarah Connor Chronicles pulled in 3.8 million viewers for its finale, and 3.8 million viewers for its season premiere. There were plenty of drops in between, but it’s clear that Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles had a much larger fanbase and a larger viewership.

There might have been some justification here if at least Dollhouse was pulling in the kids, but with a 1.0 18-34 rating, it sure isn’t doing that either. Canceling both shows might have made some sense, renewing a failure like Dollhouse while canceling Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, which had steadier ratings and is sure to get a boost from the Terminator Salvation release is a completely incomprehensible decision.

This can happen when a network doesn’t get one show, but gets another show. But who exactly “gets” Dollhouse? The only way it can be justified is if FOX bit the bullet and ordered 13 more episodes of Dollhouse to stay in the Joss Whedon or Eliza Dushku business. Neither one of them seem like they’re worth 13 million bucks.

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