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In Minnesota the RIAA Won but Lost

After a string of setbacks no doubt the RIAA is celebrating being able to bamboozle a jury with their usual Media Matters expert and won by once again claiming that Media Matters record of an IP address sharing a song is the same thing as positive proof that individual was sharing the song. For technically clueless juries and judges that sort of thing makes for an easy win but it’s a win that in the end will only cause more trouble for the RIAA as it reconfirms their course of destructive and self-destructive behavior.

Years ago it should have become obvious to the RIAA that their lawsuits were alienating both users and musicians and building up a backlash and worse yet, setting them up for a fall once enough legal defense funds began to stand up to them. That is a situation that is well underway now. The RIAA is losing cases. Their legal strategy has been severely undermined and Wall Street is worried. The shine is off and while the RIAA may have won in Minnesota, it’s going to be facing more trials than ever and their pet bulldog, Media Matters is now going under more scrutiny than ever.

Simply the RIAA’s campaign of terror against internet users is becoming a full fledged war and while the RIAA can still count on legal superiority thanks to their ability to bribe politicians and hire high priced lawyers to bamboozle judges and juries, they can’t count on the same thing on the internet. While the RIAA terrorizes internet users, Apple has been terrorizing the big music companies who are seeing their revenue fall and their business model crumble. The RIAA lawsuits have become a sadists’ safety blanket, Rome murdering prisoners while the Goths are climbing over the walls. A crumbling system inflicting a few malicious last stabs even as it gives up the ghost. “I’ll get you and your little computer too, muahaha.”

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