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In Defense of Big Bang Theory

Yes I know all the objections and I can make them myself. Big Bang Theory spews back all the usual geek cliches, it tries to make its two Caucasian male main characters look better by bringing in two minority supporting characters who are even worse, displaying what is borderline racial stereotyping, its storyline is doomed to go to the same implausible place that has Leonard ending up with Penny, which isn’t exactly doing either of them a favor. But in an age when the sitcom is almost dead, when NBC which was once a sitcom showcase is barren, and about the only sitcoms still alive are family sitcoms, Big Bang Theory is a relief. Yes I’d much rather have weekly episodes of The Line, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe 5 years from now that would be economically viable, or in the UK today (minus the weekly part then), and Big Bang Theory, for all that it’s Frasier with geekdom substituting for cultural and social elitism, is a good compromise, and one of the last few non-family sitcoms still alive and kicking.

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