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I’m a PC. Wait, I’m Not!

Microsoft playing the I’m a PC card in its aborted followup to the bewildering and abrupt ending of the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads that we were just beginning to like, is the wrong message and precisely the wrong identity for Microsoft to be adopting. I’m a PC user. I’ve used PC’s all my life. I will always be a PC user. But I am not a PC because I don’t identify myself by the computer I use. Like most PC users, I use a PC because it’s the universal platform, it’s flexible, it’s convenient and it’s cheap. And because I think for myself. Mac users may define themselves by their choice of computer. PC users don’t. Which is a fundamental difference. Microsoft may be feeling defensive over the I’m a PC and I’m a Mac using douchebag in a hoodie ads, but PC users don’t. It’s like feeling defensive over driving a Ford or Toyota when the moron driving a Smart Car pulls up next to you and begin laughing at you because you aren’t driving anything as trendy as him. To PC users a computer is functional. To Mac users it’s an identity. Which is why Microsoft’s ad campaign is pointless and misguided.

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