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IE7 No Longer under Genuine Advantage

Signs that Microsoft is getting more and more worried, IE7 which originally required Genuine Advantage is now going naked minus any Genuine Advantage (though you could have downloaded it Genuine Advantage free long before this) in order to quote “promote the browser to a wider audience”, read people who didn’t pay for their copy of Windows.

IE7 was supposed to be a Firefox killer. Instead it just gracelessly thumped in. I downloaded IE7 and quickly dumped it. I didn’t appreciate the dumbed down controls and saw no advantage in using it. I still choose Firefox 2 and I can’t wait for Firefox 3. By contrast when Firefox 3 comes out, Microsoft will have to be faced with trying to push IE7 on a lot of people who don’t want a new copy of Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer period.

In my own blog stats I see that the majority of browser share comes from IE6, which makes sense because really why bother with IE7. Genuine advantage or not, IE7 offers little besides a clumsy tabbed browsing interface. Like Vista, IE7 is another upgraded no one wants or needs.

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