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I Don’t Want To Be Your YouTube/Digg Friend

Yes I know social networking is a big Web 2.0 thing and I choose to participate on Digg and YouTube which are determined to MySpace their sites up as much possible. Now Digg has Shouts. Thanks to Shouts we can basically insure that every other moron wants to add as many friends as people so he can Shout out to them. But seriously, I’m not interested. Just because I put up a video on YouTube or Digg posts occasionally doesn’t mean I want to be part of your spam network or create my own.

So here are some signs I probably don’t want to be your YouTube/Digg friend.

1. We have absolutely nothing in common. I Digg stories about the War in Iraq and Lord of the Rings. You Digg stories about Britney Spears. I’m impressed that the stupid crap you Digg occasionally makes it to the front page when you Shout it to enough people, but why in the world am I interested?

2. Vlogolution, please just stop asking. I’m glad you found a girl willing to do videos for you while wearing next to nothing, but I’m really not interested and she’s not the next Amanda Congdon. I have nothing in common with your videos about Lindsay Lohan. Honestly, I don’t care about Lindsay Lohan. Trying to add me as a friend twice got me to watch one of your videos. Now you’re just annoying me and no I don’t want to add you.

3. You have just 200 people today, none of whom have anything in common with you. You have no actual reason for doing it or any interests. You randomly promote websites with pictures of “The 7 Cutest Cats in the World” or “8 Wallpapers That Will Bring Hitler Back to Life for Dual Monitors.” You’re a blight on the internet and I don’t want to know you.

4. Your videos all consist of you in a darkened room looking at the camera and mumbling about Focault and Britney Spears. I don’t care how funny looking your glasses are, I still am not interested.

4. “wE GottAA ELECyt ROn PAul sSAAVE THE couNTRY”. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

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