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I Blame You, You Blame Me

Buck passing is the major skill to master in the corporate world. I pass the buck to you. You pass the buck to me. I pass it back to you. You blame the Martians. I blame Bush. We all blame someone. The end user gets too confused to figure out what’s going on or how to keep score and retires grumbling about how everything and everyone sucks.

That’s basically the story in the Skype outage with Skype blaming Microsoft, rebooting users and a software bug with Microsoft blaming Skype’s bug and Satan. That’s the story in the Windows WGA server disaster which locked legitimate users out of their own copies of Windows Vista. As I speak of course Microsoft is not about to change the entire Vista WGA process. Instead they’re apologizing. Big whoop.

Kochis’ explanation is fine but the incident is still troubling, said Michael Cherry, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft. “I think it’s unsettling for people when it doesn’t validate,” he said.

While it’s great that Microsoft has put some new procedures in place, Cherry was surprised that it was even “feasible” for someone to accidentally load the wrong code into the live environment. “It just begs the question of what other things have they not done,” he said.

Yes it really does. Giving a corporation that much remote access to your computer should be troubling to anyone. Especially one with a track record that is as poor as Microsoft’s.

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