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Human Target- Not a Bad Action Series

The last time DirectorProducer Simon West and Mark Valley teamed up for a FOX series, the result was Keen Eddie, a detective drama featuring an American cop in London, who as you can expect played by his own rules. But Keen Eddie was funnier than it was actiony, and despite being a great show, was doomed from the start. Human Target reunites West and Valley for another FOX action series, which has some offbeat humor, but is closer to the explosives and swooping camera angles you expect from a series with McG on the list of producers.

But the thing is that Human Target actually isn’t bad. And it’s a lesson for NBC which messed up shows like Bionic Woman and Knight Rider, because it shows how to do the prime time action series right. Human Target is the kind of show that television used to be filled with, hell it’s Knight Rider without the talking car. But it also has a more than solid cast, with Chi McBride and Jackie Earl Haley, and it never lets any of the soapy stuff subvert the straight up action, a mistake that both the Knight Rider and Bionic Woman reboots made.

Human Target isn’t terribly memorable. It’s not great television. It’s just popcorn television, something dramas besides 24 have forgotten how to do. And in between all the doctor, lawyer and family dramas– themselves almost an extinct species, Human Target is actually a breath of fresh air, because even though it has a 90’s visual and dramatic polish, it really goes back to the days of Hunter and T.J. Hooker and Magnum P.I. and the A Team. Back in the 80’s when drama didn’t have to mean a prime time soap. Back when vans crashed through fences and wise cracking protagonists dived across cars to escape a hail of bullets. Back to when TV was actually fun.

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