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Human Target Canceled

Far as I’m concerned, Human Target was canceled at the end of Season 1. Matt Miller’s Chuckifed Human Target was just adding insult to injury. And this finalizes it. Whatever combination of network notes and production company crap put Matt Miller in charge of turning Human Target into a doily lace version of its old self, failed badly.

And this is why campaigns to save shows are not always a good idea. Human Target made it past the bubble, but only by killing everything good about itself. The cast and crew kept their jobs. But the show was a nauseating shadow of its former self. FOX used its failure as proof that it never worked. When actually it did work.

Human Target aired to decent ratings which began falling off. But not that much. The problem was demographics. You would think an action oriented series wouldn’t have too much trouble in that department. But it did. Season 2 trashed the show to court female viewers, but alienated both genders. The falloff was bad.

So what was Human Target’s real problem? The show kept being moved around. Human Target’s DVR ratings usually boosted the show, but not enough. FOX only aired half a season for its first season, making it a show that was easy to forget about. Then there’s American Idol. Idol draws a desired audience to FOX but cripples the rest of its schedule by building shows around that audience. Human Target was really canceled to make way for the X Factor, another Idol wannabe.

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