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How to Live with a Bad TV Show for 40 Minutes

Whatever happened to Orlando Jones? This happened to Orlando Jones. It also happened to Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins and Sarah Chalke. For which we can only blame Brian Grazer.

I’m assuming it’s an hour long, but maybe it’s a 30 minute long. And I feel like it’s the third time I’ve seen this show in the upfronts, except that maybe last time it was about a single mother and her wacky brother, instead of a single mother and her wacky mom or a single mother and her wacky poodle who takes her on adventures in outer space. But I probably made that last one up at out of boredom.

There’s the dick jokes and the tender moments and the pitch to “How we live today as single mothers trying to keep it all together”. It’s a good cast with a tired premise that condescends to the audience, but has enough quality people involved with it, like a lot of Brian Grazer projects, to seem better than it is.

I’m guessing it’s not. Also if you sat through that, you’ve just seen the pilot.

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