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How to Get Your Blog Post to the Front Page of Digg

Welcome to the Mount Everest of social media, the Digg front page, inhabited by such dread creatures as Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones fanboys and Apple lovers and guys from Malaysia named Ping with a shoe fetish and a copy of Poser 7, it’s your destination and you can get there. It’s actually pretty easy.

Step 1: Create a Digg account.

Step 2: Begin adding active Diggers as friends. Don’t add based on interest, add anyone who regularly submits and Diggs stories. You don’t need to have anything at all in common with them. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s like imagining you have to send spam to the right address and getting to the Digg front page is all about the spam.

Step 3: Create a bunch of posts. The idea is not to create an intelligent critique on the War on Drugs or a history of paperhanging, let’s do this the easy way. Go to Google Images, find ten wacky photos of something and put them in a post.

It can be 10 of the World’s Funniest Mountains or 10 of the World’s Ugliest Monkeys or 10 of the World’s Greatest Manhole covers. People on Digg have a short attention span. So keep it simple.

Step 4. Shout them around. Make sure you’ve been responding to other people’s Shouts.

Step 5. Enjoy the traffic.

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