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How Stupid is Perfect 10?

If the name Perfect 10 rings any bells at all in the cavernous chambers of your head it is probably because you remember their lawsuit against Google Image Search, which they claimed infringed on their intellectual property by featuring their images. Oh yeah and Perfect 10 is an “adult” site so their images are their stock in trend. Now while there is very little that a big chunk of Google’s business plan is based around making money off other people’s intellectual property, I mean it’s a search engine for crying out loud. They exist to list other people’s sites while selling third party ads on the same page. Often for competitors.

But Perfect 10’s lawsuit never made much sense. After all Google was only indexing images from their own site which they had displayed on public gateway pages. Google’s bots can be intrusive but I doubt Google was digging up pages and images that had been closed off. Not to mention that Google’s image indexing gives you pictures of about an inch by an inch thumbnails and that any halfway smart website views that as a means of attracting people. Stupidity or greed prevailed though. Perfect 10 sued Google. Perfect 10 lost.

But not satisfied to learn their lesson, Perfect 10 is now suing Microsoft over image search indexing. Yes the definition of insanity, repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result once a precedent has been set, has been met by Perfect 10. As loony as Perfect 10’s original lawsuit was, their newest lawsuit makes even less sense.

With the infringement coming from third parties, how is Google supposed to determine whether it’s indexing original images or pirated ones? It’s a pretty insane demand on the best of days. There is no real hope of shaking down megacorporations like Google or Microsoft which can eat nuisance lawsuits like an elephant can go through the candy aisle. As an attempt to get publicity, it’s rather strange and not exactly within a normal business model.

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