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How Stoned is New NBC Entertainment Chief Ben Silverman?

Seriously, I think it’s a real question after taking a look at NBC’s lineup. Just see for yourself.

NBC is bringing back TV legend Norman Lear with a new project.

Let me guess, racially mixed grumpy old men? Norman Lear is as out of touch and irrelevant to modern television as Bob Dole. I could see a Norman Lear project on CBS which basically spent a long time catering to senior citizens but NBC is playing for the 30’s yuppie range. That’s the audience Norman Lear might have connected with once. Problem is those were their moms and dads. Unless you’re doing an All in the Family reunion, just take a look at Norman Lear’s track record since 1991.

The network also is bringing Jerry Seinfeld back to Thursday night with a guest appearance on “30 Rock.”

A Jerry Seinfeld guest star appearance! I bet it will do for 30 Rock what it did for Newsradio. Oh wait at that time Seinfeld was at the height of its popularity and it still did nothing. Jerry Seinfeld isn’t funny in a guest starring appearance. He wasn’t even funny on Seinfeld on his own. He was funny in the context of Kramer, Elaine and George and with Larry David’s writing backing him up.

Besides Seinfeld is long off the air. Isn’t it a little pathetic to tout a Seinfeld guest starring appearance at the top of your lineup?

Fired “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star Isaiah Washington is coming back to TV with a five-episode arc on “Bionic Woman” and a development deal at the network.

Seriously, drugs can be the only real answer here. I mean a development deal for Isaiah Washington? How stoned do you have to be to give a development deal to a guy now best known for homophobia and on set fights? I mean we’re talking Isaiah Washington not Anthony Hopkins.

The Donald Trump-starring “The Apprentice” is returning for another cycle — a celebrity edition — and the network has approached Trump’s enemy Rosie O’Donnell to make her own return to TV by appearing on the reality series.

There’s that touch of class NBC is best known for. Maybe they can have a cat fight with Rosie ripping off Trump’s toupee and Trump gnawing on her cankles.

The network also is developing “Phenomenon,” an American version of the hit Israeli reality series “The Successor” to star illusionist Criss Angel and mentalist Uri Geller.

I guess NBC got tired of ripping off the English, so they’ve decided to rip off the Israelis. Then it’s off to sunny Latin America with…

Additionally, Gary Scott Thompson has come on board NBC’s adaptation of the hit Colombian telenovela “Sin Tetas” — about a young woman determined to get breast-enlargement surgery to escape poverty

Yup. Can we make that border wall any higher? I don’t mean to keep out Mexican immigrants. I mean to keep American TV executives from ripping off crappy Latin American soaps. But we’re not done with the global ripoff tour yet…

On “Kath and Kim,” based on the hit Australian comedy, Michelle Nader replaces original writer

So Israel, Columbia and Australia. Anyone else’s TV shows Ben Silverman can rip off?

NBC also is introducing a science fiction-themed Monday lineup in the fall, with new one-hours “Chuck” and “Journeyman” flanking the hit “Heroes.” “Chuck” originally was slated for the Tuesday 9 p.m. slot.

“All of these shows have male/female demographic interest and balance, and they also have an element of fantasy which runs through them,” Silverman said. “(We’ll use) our strongest promotional platform in ‘Sunday Night Football’ to drive viewers and audience into this great lineup of shows.”

Because if there’s one thing Sunday Night Football fans love it’s Science Fiction and shows with a male-female demographic balance. Seriously Ben, how stoned are you?

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