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How Much Web 2.0 Do We Need Anyway?

There’s one thing you can say for YouTube, when most sites go down it’s because they have a bug, when YouTube goes down it’s because they’re adding features. Of course most of those features don’t have a whole lot of use. A lot of them are interface touches, some add value, many just adjust the interface with no real point except bringing the pretty.

The latest Digg style thumbs up and thumbs down rankings for comments seem to be the very example of a pointless feature meant to get people to spend more time at the site while having very little point. Rating people’s comments has always seemed to me the very epitome of a cliquish social networking crawling up its own nether regions.

It’s bad enough that every site now feels the need to have you vote on everything to be all Web 2.0 but do we really need meta-voting of comments. What’s next, voting on the votes themselves? Voting on the votes of the votes? You can only take mob rule so far before the whole point of being on a website will become to vote on other people’s votes. For goodness sake if you like or don’t like a comment then say so. Ranking comments is the last resort of the useless idiot who contributes nothing except to offer a silent opinion on someone else’s comment by way of a mouse click.

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