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How Much Do Reseller Ratings Count Anyway?

Recently I needed to replace my computer monitor which had been a nice generous 19 inches for its time but time had moved on and the monitor was 4 years old and sparkled all the time and sometimes shut off on its own and turned on again in the middle of my work. Maybe it was the thick coating of dust its air vents were covered in or maybe a cheap monitor that came with a free camera you could pretty much only use to take 4 pictures of a wall before you threw it up against the wall, was never built to last.

Either way looking over the monitor prices there was a nice rebate but once the rebate was out of the way there was perennial favorite Newegg with the monitor at 260 bucks and with the same monitor at 248 dollars. Once you applied a 5 percent discount at the price dropped even further and the kicker was that offered free shipping while Newegg charged 15 bucks or so for shipping.

Now it’s a given that these days there’s the cult of the Newegg online and I get it, the website is nice, the service is decent and it has an Amazony ‘come on in and shop’ feel to it that most stores spend lots of money to get. But there was a huge gap now pricewise and reseller ratings wise. Newegg has reseller ratings right up there with gold toast on diamond rye and a mob swearing it can do no wrong. has the exact opposite with some of the worst reseller ratings barring some of the photo scam outlets or the sort of companies that do business via pricewatch under 40 different names and only speak Yugoslavian. Now this is no commercial for but I had dealt with them once and had no complaints, so I did the cheapie thing and I risked it rather than bow to the cult of the newegg. The monitor came earlier than expected and seems fine and I’m using it right now.

Did I make the right choice? It seems as if I did but of course it could just as easily have turned out to tbe the wrong one. Maybe is just the victim of some angry frustrated consumers or maybe I played the odds and I won.

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