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How Many Fantasy Cop Shows Can You Have?

Currently at least two. Grimm “a dark but fantastical cop drama” from Angel’s David Greenwalt and Ron Moore 17th Precinct dubbed “Harry Potter for grown-ups.” This might be less a case of Hollywood’s bizarre tendency to order multiple copies of something unexpected when one studio starts imitating another (e.g. two volcano movies, two asteroid movies) but more about the growing shelf power of crappy current fantasy novels about vampires and werewolves.

Sight unseen, I’m going with Grimm on this one. David Greenwalt is underrated. And Ron Moore is hugely overrated. Plus his writing has no sense of humor. I can’t imagine a humorless fantasy cop show, but I’m sure Ron Moore will manage to give us one. A show where the characters are as painfully serious as if they were being written by Aaron Sorkin.

On that note, why get Aaron Sorkin to use Keith Olbermann to make a TV show about cable news, why not just use Aaron Sorkin to replace Keith Olbermann. It’s the same thing and you’re getting rid of the middleman.

It probably doesn’t matter. I don’t see a fantasy cop show having much staying power off the SyFy channel, and on the SyFy channel it would have to come with bad acting, a low budget and exist mainly for international markets. The shame here is that if Joss Whedon announced he was doing a fantasy cop show, there would be more hype than you can shake a stick at. But David Greenwalt doing one gets ignored.

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