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How Dead is Vonage?

At this point the independent VOIP companies are managing to look a lot like Night of the Living VOIP Dead. With the termination of Sunrocket, Vonage remains as the model for a competing phone company and the big telcos are determined to crush it out of existence for its impertinence in actually giving away the sort of extras they charge an arm and a leg for and for wrecking their business model.

Having failed to learn the lesson of Napster and Limewire or DVD X-Copy or what happens to companies whose product undermines the bloated business model of the existing heavyweights, (can you imagine of Jack Valenti and the MPAA had gotten their way, we wouldn’t have even had VCR’s?), Vonage spent a lot of time thinking about marketing, when it should have been planning legal defense strategies the moment it took off. Now Sprint and Vonage have both won phony patent lawsuits against Vonage and Vonage is desperately cutting rates to customers to keep them on board.

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