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Heroes Origins is now D.O.A.

Between the writer’s strike and increasingly fading interest in yesterday’s hit Heroes, probably not helped by the slew of imitators out there now, Heroes Origins is now canceled. Sadly this will deprive Eli Roth of yet more work. Oh wait, that part isn’t sad at all.

Really prequels are a bad idea, especially spinoff prequels. Battlestar Galactica’s own spinoff prequel thingie Caprica was killed a while back. Heroes Origins is just the latest to get the ax. Of course never one to learn from the failures of others, Ben Silverman over at NBC is still moving ahead with an Office spinoff… at least it’s not a prequel I suppose. The spinoff is likely to focus around the Utica office it seems as well.

Right now Heroes really needs to work harder to revive the primary series instead of going all spinoff happy.

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