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HD-DVD vs Blu Ray And So the Great Format Wars Continued

Where in the 20th century the great struggle had been between the ideologies of communism and capitalism, in the 21st century capitalism prevailed absolutely and thus began the HD-DVD vs Blu Ray wars which devastated most of mankind and led to the reemergence of Communism in the 22nd century as seen only on HD-DVD.

But seriously HD-DVD vs Blu Ray is the great spectator sport of the 21st century and the only sport currently steroid but not payoff free. Right now Blu Ray has rebounded after looking down and out with Paramount’s switcheroo as Apple and Warner Brothers are committing to Blu Ray. If Blu Ray wins will Sony have been justified in taking its video game supremacy on the Ps3 to make it happen? Maybe. It might even make Sir Howard Stringer’s reign over Sony look less like a miserable failure.

Still it seems like old rivalries are in play. Microsoft has backed HD DVD and Apple has backed Blu Ray. Paramount is playing on the HD DVD side and Warners on the Blu Ray side. Either way as long as the format wars continue and until one side gains clear supremacy, people are not going to invest in next gen players.

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