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HBO’s Bad Luck Days

Lately it seems that beginning with Chris Albrecht’s explosion, everything has been going wrong for HBO, from the well publicized parking lot choking incident by HBO wino executive Chris Albrecht, who was also unfortunately responsible for a good deal of HBO’s hits, HBO canceled David Milch’s Deadwood to make room for David Milch’s John From Cincinnati, and we all know how that ended up. From Lucky Louie to Big Love, HBO saddled itself with shows no one wanted to watch and the final cancellation of John From Cincinnati, put one more nail in the coffin. Never mind the fires that ate much of Rome’s sets.

Right now HBO needs to reconnect badly with viewers. As a prestige paid network, HBO lives and dies on its reputation for quality demand programming. Its treatment of the Sopranos final season and the unfortunate ending to the Sopranos, royally pissed off Sopranos fans and HBO viewers in general. And HBO just can’t seem to recover from the disaster.

Now HBO is going to Tom Hanks, who somehow convinced HBO that a positive portrayal of polygamy would go great with Big Love, to develop something even worse, a 10 part miniseries on the JFK assassination. Yes count it, 10 parts. I mean I could see a 10 part miniseries about WW2 or the trip to the moon or Chris Albrecht’s drinking binges, but it took a few minutes to shoot JFK. I don’t think 10 parts which requires people to tune in for 10 nights to find out what they already know, that a lone gunman shot JFK is going to work. Bye bye HBO.

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