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Haunted by the Ghosts of annoying Internet Service Provider CD’s Past….

A few days ago I opened a computer magazine and out slipped an AOL
disk like some kind of fly in the soup. This wasn’t completely unusual
since I’d gotten used to AOL CD’s being packaged in every issue.

But then a few hours later as I’m standing in line at the store
getting my brain melted by hour after hour of successively more
annoying holiday songs over the radio while the line barely moves, I
spot an entire rack of AOL CD’s in between all the magazines.

Next day in the mail there are not one but two AOL CD’s waiting for
me, with mailing labels featuring two misspelled versions of my name,
in nice metallic tins which I actually kept for no particular reason.

And then throughout most of the holidays I keep spotting more AOL CD’s
as if there’s some sort of AOL CD blitz. The post office has a special
counter next to the express envelopes and certified labels filled with
more AOL disks. There’s another one at the counter of the local Barnes
and Nobles. Another one in the mailbox next the day, minus the tin.
Another one in a magazine that has no relation to computers

And then most bizarre of all there are a bunch of guys standing on a
corner dressed in Santa outfits handing out AOL disks.

AOL was always aggressive, but now they seem to have lost their minds.
If I’d kept all the AOL disks I’ve been offered, I could probably melt
them down and build a whole rocket out of them. I guess when they
can’t compete on service or price, they just have to hope that shoving
their CD’s down everyone’s throat will get them buisness.

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