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Harry Potter: The Wizard of Corporate Fascism

J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing in England and Scholastic in America have become notorious for bullying stores and consumers, sticking to fixed release dates and threatening and penalizing those who do not abide by them, right down to threatening customers who do not return books that were accidentally shipped early. Now with the Harry Potter wagon train vanishing off into the sunset for Scholastic and Bloomsbury they’re having one last go, turning the Harry Potter release into a major media event and going into hysterics over anyone who publishes information about the book or distributes copies of it.

Well BitTorrent pirates who have a long and great history of sticking it to the man, even when the man is a woman, are distributing the book freely over BitTorrent (in a bit of fun PirateBay even changed its header picture to a Harry Potter inspired graphics cover, “The Pirate Bay and the Torrent of Fire”) and Scholastic has lost their mind and began sending threatening letters, not to the pirates, but to any site that actually wrote about what was going on. Corporate fascism at its finest.

But Scholastic Books like the MPAA and the RIAA and every corporate bully who thinks they can silence free speech to protect their corporate property is dead wrong.

“The main thing is to keep spoilers from ruining all the fun for the fans,” Scholastic spokeswoman Kyle Good said. “They’re all looking forward to their midnight parties on Friday. They want to keep the magic.”

Hogwash. This is about branding and image and most of all it is about control. Control of your property. The real magic is with those who break the corporate barriers and release the hidden power of information and the revolution will not be brought to you by Scholastic, Bloomsbury or J.K. Rowling

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