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Halo 3 Killed the Heartbreak Kid

If there’s one thing the movie industry loves, it’s excuses. Being a studio executive means pretty much never taking responsibility. For anything. Ever. And when things go wrong, you have to find something else to blame it on. Patrick Stewart blamed Nemesis’ poor performance on 9/11. Brent Spiner blamed it on flaming lizards or the fans or something. Brett Ratner blamed Rush Hour 3’s performance on his mother never toilet training him. (2 out of 3 of those are true, give or take 1 or 2).

So now studio executives are blaming The Heartbreak Kid’s poor performance on Halo 3. Yes, Halo 3. What’s the bloody connection? Who knows.

The target audience for many of the Farrelly brothers’ movies are young adults, predominantly male. The target audience for Bungie Studios’ Halo 3 game are also young adults, also predominantly male.

Using this parallel comparison, many film executives are pointing their fingers at the latest videogame blockbuster as the reason for one of the weakest recent Hollywood box office weekend performances of the current millennium.

The movie industry expected The Heartbreak Kid, the film that reunites the Farrelly brother director duo with Ben Stiller, to make up to $25 million over the opening weekend. The Heartbreak Kid fell short by raking in only $14 million across North America.

Uh okay. So what video games were released during

1. Fever Pitch

2. Shallow Hal

3. Osmosis Jones

4. Stuck on You

5. Me, Myself and Irene

The fact is that the Farrelly Brothers have been churning out dogs for a while now. And the audience for a remake of a 70’s comedy involving a honeymooning couple does not overlap much with the audience for Halo 3. I’m sure studio executives believed The Heartbreak Kid would make 25 million. I’m sure they also believed audiences would love Osmosis Jones. And man that Postman movie, a sure winner. Remind me what video game was released that weekend again?

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