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Guy No One Cares About Demands his 15 Seconds

If you’re like most people, Rod Lurie is a more obscure figure than ever Sarah Palin. If you do know who Rod Lurie is, you know he’s the guy who makes incredibly boring movies and TV shows about politics that no one watches or cares about. Basically imagine Aaron Sorkin without drugs and only 75 percent of the sense of entitlement and you have Rod Lurie.

So why talk about Rod Lurie? Because supposedly Rod Lurie’s opinion on the Palin pick somehow matters because he wrote a TV show about a female President called Commander in Chief that initially got some viewership, but that everyone forgot about. Lurie back then was obviously pushing a Hillary candidacy, but in retrospect got it wrong. Now the masterful political expert is back to tell us Palin is a bad choice.

A Barack Obama supporter, Lurie criticized the real-life manifestation of his TV fiction.

“People who understand politics know anything is possible,” he said. “Picking a woman is an absolute strategic idea from McCain’s point of view. He’s not talking about governing right now. The idea of this woman actually facing down [Vladimir] Putin and negotiating with [Dmitry] Medvedev is idiotic.”

In the “Chief” pilot, the qualifications of Davis’ character also came under fire before she later proved her worth.

“We don’t need the world to see a soft, indecisive woman commanding the troops,” one character declared.

So basically Rod Lurie is now talking about Palin the way the bad Republicans did on his own show? Fun. Hypocrisy is like basketball, everyone gets to play.

The thing is Lurie might actually have a point if the Democrats weren’t running a guy for President whose qualification for sitting down with Putin are about as bad as Palin’s are. Considering that, you would think the Democrats would have enough common sense not to drag experience or qualifications into it. If you just walked in on the sales floor and want the manager’s job, taunting your opponent’s deputy manager’s lack of experience is just gonna blow up in your face.

As for Rod Lurie, everything he’s done has failed. He puts on turgid political melodramas that no one cares about. End of the road.

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