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Guitar Hero Coming to PC

It may be a huge hit but for me Guitar Hero is still right up there somewhere Karaoke and Dance Dance Revolution but the content of Guitar Hero has managed to get guys who would otherwise never stoop to playing a social music game, into buying huge numbers of copies of it and pretending they’re Ozzie in their own living rooms. Good for them, I say.

Still Guitar Hero had debuted as the prototype of a console game since it was after all a social music game. The basic split between consoles and computers had been in the social sphere. With a computer you usually played alone. Consoles though were more often a social activity, something you invited friends over for. With the rise of multiplayer over the internet and networks that changed somewhat but not altogether.

Well now Guitar Hero is coming to the PC in its third initeration. It may just be an attempt to cash in on those PC gaming dollars since after all the PC has an install base fit to make even the PS2 weep, never mind the puny install base for the PS3 or the XBox 360, which have thoroughly disappointed expectations. Still it will be interesting to see how Guitar Hero makes the transition to the computer. After all the PC’s idea of social gaming still involves a trigger happy hero blasting away at anyone in range.

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