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Grown Up Gaming May be Making a Comeback

Indicators are now suggesting that the Wii hype is reaching the end of the road. Wii crawled over the bodies of the PS3 and the XBox 360 thanks to some bad decisions by Sony that come down to Sony being Sony and Microsoft being well… Microsoft. Wii was powered by an obsessive fanboy base, a pale shadow of Apple’s but nonetheless, and the wacky name and the controller. Now everyone is tired of the Wii hype and they’re discovering that there’s much in the way of gaming to be had there once you’ve exhausted the joy of virtual bowling.

And fueled by the success of Halo 3, XBox 360 has managed to pass the Wii in console sales for September. Good news for anyone who wants to see serious console gaming instead of more junk for mental 6 year olds from Nintendo.

Clearly spurred by the release of Halo 3, the Xbox 360 led all console sales in the U.S. during September with 527,000 units sold.

Even without the killer application that Microsoft needs on its side, Nintendo’s consoles continued a strong showing. The Wii sold 501,000 units

Well it’s hardly a solid victory but suggests a Wii decline may be on the way.

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