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Great, Now Every Pretentious TV Show Can Have its Own Last Supper

Battlestar Galactica did one. Now Lost is doing one. I just can’t wait until Stargate Universe does its own last supper tableau. In Lost’s limited defense, they’ve actually got at least one deity at the table. Battlestar Galactica just had a model with a glowing spine (retcon alert). But now that the floodgates are open, Stargate Universe, which has dedicated itself to being a less stupid version of Battlestar Galactica must have its own version. Then of course Heroes will toddle out on its last legs with a last supper tableaux casting Hiro or Sylar in the role. And once we’ve gone that far, can Caprica, which has already trotted out its naked teenager eating an apple as a biblical metaphor be far behind? Again.

But you know what I really want to see? A-Team the Last Supper. I pity the fool who skews the perspective on B.A. Barracus.

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