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Grayson, a Smallville We Don’t Need

Once upon a time the WB had a pilot for Bruce Wayne, a show that would be to Batman what Smallville was to Superman. The script was highly spoken of, yet the show went nowhere. Instead the WB ordered a Tarzan series that everyone has tried to forget, a Batman themed Birds of Prey series that no one really remembers except for the horrible acting by everyone involved, an Aquaman spinoff that’s mainly fodder for internet comedy and now apparently a Robin prequel.

Yes, a Robin prequel to be titled Grayson or something like that is in the works. Now Smallville, despite the cheesiness and the teen soap opera stories and the refusal of the CW to just let it die, has worked out pretty decently. But a Robin prequel is inherently pointless. Not only is Robin not exactly the most exciting superhero around, he’s a sidekick, and such a sequel would be Robin without the Robin part, so I think we can safely assume that it would open with Robin in a hoodie skateboarding down a bunch of stairs while listening to the latest new song Time Warner looking to promote, then having an argument with his parents and a crush on a girl who doesn’t even know he exists. Have I got it covered?

Smallville’s concept worked because Clark was Superman before he put on a cape and tights and moved to Metropolis. Robin was just a kid in a circus before Batman adopted him. All the previews and small touches suggesting Superman have no real meaning in a Robin centered series, because while Superman is an iconic hero, Robin isn’t. He has no idea that he has a destiny nor does he really have one. There have been more than one Robin because he is disposable. I could see the CW ordering a Nightwing series but a Robin prequel series?

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