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Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer and Reaction

There’s no doubt that the trailer for Rockstar Game’s latest outing in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto 4 is a pretty impressive piece of work. The publicity machine began running with posters and a countdown for the trailer (virtually unheard of outside the movies) followed by a trailer which showcases Liberty City, more New York than ever.

Liberty City was the best of GTA3’s locations, easily beating their fictionalized Miami Vice take on Miami and the Gangsta take on LA. Visually the trailer looks a generation ahead, but we’ll have to see something besides the sunrise look, like how the engine appears in nightime or the rain. The oversaturated light effect, that’s now a feature of every game with a higher end engine is annoying though and will be looked back a few years from now as an artifact of a crude graphics system, much the way we look back at the jaggy lines of the original GTA.

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