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Google’s Search Bots Get Hackier

Google’s search bots have always had an infamous reputation for going where website owners didn’t want them to go and for producing odd results in your logs akin to what you might expect from someone trying to hack into your website. That has always been part of Google’s model, uncovering as much data to index as possible and then charge advertisers to advertise on the data index.

It’s made Google into a multibillion dollar company, so the latest little revelation that Google bots are filling in search forms is almost minor by comparison. But it’s all part of Google’s pattern which is not to trust site owners but instead to pry open where they can and harvest as much data for Google’s search engines as possible, never mind if it’s junk data or not.

Cory Doctorow’s story on the Google World almost seems fitting, especially not that Google has picked up Double Click to insure the most maximum privacy violations possible. To Google we’re not human beings, we’re data nodes, but even there Google fails, because Google doesn’t care about the quality of the data it indexes, which is why a Google search routinely returns junk results.

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