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Google vs China

Google’s challenge to China is a major gamble, it’s a showdown between an economic and demographic superpower, and the economy that has a handle on so much of the world’s data. A showdown triggered by China’s arrogance in using computer hackers to target Google, and Google’s arrogance in believing that China will actually blink.

Google’s original decision to offer a censored search engine was triggered by the belief that offering some information is better than none. But China doesn’t really need Google and isn’t likely to back down. China is building its own internet behind the red dragonwall and places a greater priority on controlling their population than being part of the global information network. And that’s something that Google’s people are intellectually unable to grasp. Because they’re control freaks, but they still don’t understand that China isn’t interested in competing in an information war, it wants total dominance.

China wants the internet only on its terms, and while that might seem unlikely, there’s no way that China can be kept away from controlling a lot of the infrastructure, which means that sooner or later, it will get its way. China manufactures much of the mobile devices and computer gear now in use. And its companies answer to the state in a way that American companies do not. It has the largest base of internet users on the planet. Which means that the future belongs to China at least as much as it does to Google.

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